As we move towards industrialisation and intensive farming, we are negatively impacting on our native species. As birds are protected by EU legislation alongside the Wildlife’s Act it is vital to explore the threats on bird species by development.

Disturbance of threatened species such as Hen Harrier, Curlew, Snipe and Red Grouse are resulting in declining populations threatened with extinction.  At Eire Ecology our Ornithologists have extensive experience surveying windfarm developments throughout Ireland from planning through to post construction monitoring.

Eire Ecology can provide tailored surveys to include:

  • Vantage Point Surveys – typically using Scottish National Heritage (SNH, 2014) guidelines.
  • Breeding Bird walked transects – Countryside Bird Survey (CBS) / Breeding Bird Surveys (BBS).
  • Upland Breeding Wader Surveys – Brown and Shepherd (1993).
  • Waterfowl Point counts.
  • Red Grouse surveys – Tape lure (under license).

Specific surveys for Annex 1 (Birds Directive) species such as Hen Harrier, Short-Eared Owl and Merlin – Breeding / Winter Roost identification

Bird Surveys