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Appropriate Assessment.

Screening Reports are now an integral part of planning when examining the impacts of a proposed development on rare and protected habitats and species. At Eire Ecology we provide such appropriate assessment reports throughout Ireland.

Bat Surveys.

Bats and their roosts are protected by Irish and EU law. It is an offence to deliberately capture, injure or kill a bat. In addition it is an offence to damage or destroy a place of shelter (roost) of a bat, regardless of whether bats are present or not. A bat roost is difficult to identify if you are unfamiliar with bat activity, therefore it is essential to have a scoping bat survey carried out before any works are carried out on a site.

Bird Surveys.

Our team of dedicated ornithologists have extensive knowledge of best practice guidelines and up to date bird survey methodologies. We offer all types of bird surveys including Vantage Point, Walkover breeding bird, Moorland breeding bird, Point counts, Red Grouse tape lure, Annex I bird surveys and Coastal and wading bird surveys;  at competitive prices.

appropriate assessment

Fatality Monitoring.

Eire Ecology is Ireland’s leading independent provider of sniffer dog corpse searches. Our professionally trained dog and handler team are proven to be more efficient than regular corpse searches. In addition the searches can be done quicker and therefore cheaper. Our dog, “Bubby” is a large Wirehaired German Pointer and therefore ideal for searching on rough terrain in all weather conditions.

Habitat Surveys.

Our passion is applying our botanical and ecological expertise to identify habitat types following the ‘Guide to Habitats and the Interpretation Manual’ (European Commission, 2007) of habitats listed in Annex I of the Habitats Directive. Our skill and experience ensures correct methodologies for habitat survey and classification in Ireland. Our competence in using mapping programmes allows us to accurately document findings.

Invasive Species.

Invasive plant species seriously damage houses, buildings, hard surfaces and infrastructure, growing through concrete, tarmac and other hard surfaces, as well as threaten native plants and animals. If you suspect Japanese Knotweed or other invasive plants are growing on your property/site, Eire Ecology will carry out a site visit to correctly identify the plant, devise a management plan and carry out works to eradicate the plant before it causes damage.