John Curtin

John, the owner of Eire Ecology holds a first class honours degree in Environmental Science from NUI Galway. Having worked as a consultant ecologist since 2010, John has gained a high skillset over several disciplines. An experienced field worker; with knowledge in botanical & habitat identification, ornithological surveys & monitoring and mammal surveys. John has also acted as lead bat ecologist for several large scale wind farm projects and is a member of Bat conservation Ireland. In addition John has prepared numerous stage 1 and 2 Natura Impact Statements and Environmental Impact Statements.


Habitat survey | Annex I habitats, Fossitt (Irl), NVC (UK)

Bat survey | Undertaken for Windfarm sites and NIS’s. (Real Time Expansion (RTE) monitoring)

Ornithological Surveys | Vantage point, Transects, Tape Lure

Report writing | Appropriate Assessment Screening, Bat report, Biodiversity report

Mapping | Mapinfo, GPS

Other | Plant identification, mammal tracks, Marsh Fritillary (Euphydryas aurinia)

Shane O Neill – Golden Eagle Trust

Shane is an experienced ornithologist. Although Shane is exceptionally experienced with raptors (Co-author Hen Harrier Survey, NPWS 2015) he also experience with breeding birds, waders and all aspects of ornithology.

Keith O Dowd

Keith O Dowd is an established dog trainer who specialises in windfarm collision monitoring. Keith handles Bubby – a German wire haired pointer that is adapt at seeking bird and bat corpses. Monitoring of windfarm collisions is now becoming standard practice. Human searches are ineffective and no longer considered adequate by the National Parks and Wildlife Service. Keith and Bubby have recently achieved a 83% searcher efficiency at trials on a windfarm site in Boggeragh Co. Cork containing a high percentage of conifer plantation – a difficult habitat to search within.  We use GPS to track dog and handler and calculate collision rates for your windfarm.